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Official and exclusive C² Crete Colors Ltd representative in Latvia till 26th of July 2015

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Griva Group Ltd.

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43-5 Ādmiņu Str.,

Riga, LV-1009, Latvia

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C² Wash™

A proprietary cleaner designed for newly installed concrete floors

C2 Wash™ is a proprietary concentrated cleaner designed specifically for newly installed concrete floors. C2 Wash™ removes laitance and residual surface salts often related to blanket curing. These contaminants, when left on the floor surface, can interfere with penetration, bond and effectiveness of hardener/densifiers and other flooring treatments. Use C2 Wash™ immediately after removing curing blankets, or within 3-7 days of installation, or any time thereafter for fast, easy removal of laitance and surface salts.

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