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Official and exclusive C² Crete Colors Ltd representative in Latvia till 26th of July 2015

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C² Hard™

C² Hard™ - hardener and densifier for concrete

 C2 Hard™ is the advanced economical, hardener and densifier for concrete surfaces and a much more effective alternative to conventional sodium opotassium silicate hardeners. This patented lithium silicate treatment deeply penetrates and reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Conventional hardeners deposit high concentrations of sodium or potassium salts, which contribute to surface ASR, resulting in deterioration of concrete. Surfaces treated with C2 Hard™ will resist damage from water, surface abrasion, eliminate dusting and simplifies maintenance. C2 Hard™ should be used where the specification calls for just a hardened floor with or without burnishing and no grinding or polishing is required. Typically this product would be used on new slabs either at the time of placement or after a wet cure, chemical cure or after 28 days of curing or construction. C2 Hard™ can also be use on a previously densified floor where sodium or potassium was used at one time and the surface is starting to dust or deteriorate.

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